Clinical trials are medical research studies that aim to identify new treatments for conditions or diseases. It is how medicine advances and new treatments, including new drugs are developed. The latest trend in the clinical trial industry is the move to Virtual Clinical Trials when feasible.

Normally, you would need to visit a specific location to participate in a clinical trial, typically a hospital or clinic. This is not the case with Virtual Clinical Trials. This significantly inhibits the availability of clinical studies to candidates who want to participate but don’t have the flexibility to attend study visits. With telehealth technology advances and medical study kits being made available, virtual clinical trials are beginning to increase in number.

If you are interested in participating in virtual or other clinical trials you can sign up for clinical trial alerts and news. It is important for clinical trial coordinators and sponsors to adopt virtual clinical studies, and ClinicalConnection is here to help.

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Virtual Medical Research: Participate At Home

Virtual Clinical Trials

Clinical trials would otherwise require multiple visits to a local study center, but with virtual clinical trials, that obstacle becomes much less of an issue. As the industry begins to adopt new distance technology, clinical studies will become more widely available to many more people who may have been disqualified due to distance or inability to attend multiple visits. It also brings a unique opportunity to follow-up and monitor patients more frequently and attend to their needs more effectively.

Multitude of Advantages

  •   Participate from the comfort of your own home
  •   Direct connection to medical professionals
  •   No need to coordinate travel accommodations
  •   Reduced risk of exposure to other illnesses

ClinicalConnection will be adding more virtual studies to help bring these opportunities to our members. Make sure to sign up for clinical trial alerts and news.