The Top Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Companies: A Comprehensive Guide

The Top Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Companies: A Comprehensive Guide

In the complex world of clinical trials, the efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment is pivotal. Clinical trial patient recruitment companies, or patient recruitment vendors, play a crucial role in this process. This comprehensive guide explores some of the leading companies in this domain, shedding light on their unique services, approaches, and contributions to the field.

Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment Companies


Praxis brings over 18 years of experience in patient recruitment for clinical trials, utilizing a mix of digital and offline channels. Their in-house tool, PraxisDirect®, provides sponsors and sites with valuable insights into enrollment data and performance metrics, enhancing the efficiency of recruitment efforts. They offer additional services like project management, protocol feasibility, and site relations management.

Clintec (IQVIA)

As part of the global IQVIA network, Clintec brings extensive resources and expertise to clinical research. They offer functional service support across major therapeutic disciplines, tailoring their solutions to the unique challenges of each clinical trial. With 22 years in business and offices in 49 countries, they service many major therapeutic disciplines, including oncology, rare diseases, autoimmune diseases, and diabetes.


ClinicalConnection stands out with its PatientEdge™ Study Participant Database of over 850,000 members, which has been growing for over 12 years. They offer a comprehensive suite of services,including digital advertising for sponsors and a user-friendly study listing search feature for patients. They can recruit for over 2,200 conditions and therapeutic areas through their extensive database. Their approach caters to both domestic and international studies, making their patient database-driven method a key differentiator in the field.


Founded in 2014, Science37 specializes in virtual clinical trials. Their platform allows for remote monitoring and engagement of patients, making clinical trials more accessible and potentially accelerating recruitment timelines. Science37 acts as a digital site with the capability to monitor and engage patients without needing to travel to a physical site.


MMG is a full-service health communications company that excels in patient recruitment for clinical trials, as well as retention. They offer a comprehensive strategy design and program optimization, ensuring that patient engagement is at the forefront of their recruitment efforts. Their services include patient recruitment and engagement strategy design and program optimization.

Elligo Health Research

Elligo Health Research leverages its partnerships with over 100 community-based healthcare practices to access a vast patient base. Their model of bringing clinical trial opportunities directly to patients through trusted healthcare providers is a unique approach in the industry. This enables them to offer clinical trial opportunities to around 100 million patients, significantly expanding the reach of clinical trials.

BBK Worldwide

With over 35 years in the field, BBK Worldwide focuses on educating and engaging patients. Their innovative Patient Experience Management System, TrialCentralNet® (TCN®), supports sponsors in managing patient enrollment and engagement. This holistic approach to patient care in clinical trials sets them apart as pioneers in patient-centric recruitment strategies.

Clara Health

M&B Sciences, Inc., after acquiring Clara Health, has emerged as a leader in patient recruitment, particularly for rare and sensitive patient populations. Their approach is deeply rooted in technology, enabling them to access a vast majority of web traffic and enroll a diverse patient pool. They offer a range of services including 24/7 support for participants, comprehensive compensation and reimbursement management, full-service travel booking, and EMR screening. Their platform supports applicants from initial screening through enrollment, significantly accelerating study accrual timelines for sponsors and CROs.


AutoCruitment has redefined patient recruitment by leveraging over 1500 digital channels. Their platform is adept at targeting, recruiting, screening, and referring patients, making the process more efficient and reducing enrollment timelines. They cater to a broad spectrum of clinical trials, including medical device trials, and offer a unique risk-based pricing model. Their approach is particularly effective for reaching hard-to-find patient populations, and they boast an average acceleration of recruitment timelines by 72%.

Worldwide Clinical Trials

Worldwide Clinical Trials combines patient recruitment with comprehensive trial management. With over 30 years of experience and operations in more than 60 countries, they focus on enhancing the patient experience. They specialize in managing early and late-stage research services, including protein binding and pharmacoeconomic modeling, catering to a diverse range of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.


Clariness, with over 15 years of experience, has established itself as a global leader in patient recruitment. Their ClinLife® portal is a testament to their extensive reach, attracting over 40 million visitors annually from more than 50 countries. They excel in engaging international patient populations, making them a go-to for global clinical trials. Their top patient visitors come from countries including Poland, Colombia, Great Britain, Germany, Brazil, Hungary, the US, the Czech Republic, and Ukraine.


Antidote excels in connecting patients to clinical studies through its network of over 300 health non-profit organizations and patient advocates. They specialize in targeted outreach, leveraging their network for lab-validated referrals and extensive site support. This approach ensures a smooth recruitment process and bridges the gap between patients and research opportunities.

Clinical Site Services (CCSi)

CCSi distinguishes itself with a niche focus on patient recruitment and retention. They offer a blend of digital and traditional media strategies, backed by software solutions that track patients throughout the recruitment funnel. Their site support services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each study, making them particularly adept at supporting sites with customized recruitment strategies.


Miami-based Biorasi has carved a niche in patient recruitment since 2002, focusing on rare diseases, neurology, and oncology. They are known for their tailored solutions in decentralized clinical trials and program optimization, catering to the specific needs of each therapeutic area. Their services include patient recruitment, decentralized clinical trials, COVID-19 trials, and program optimization, making them a versatile choice for various clinical trial needs.

Curavit Clinical Research

Curavit stands at the forefront of decentralized clinical trials, offering digital site solutions that encompass patient recruitment and study management. Their platform supports remote monitoring, catering to the evolving needs of modern clinical trials. They provide recruitment services and design and management of the study on their platform, which supports remote monitoring.


PatientEvolution is known for its innovative technologies aimed at improving patient recruitment. They offer a range of proprietary solutions like PatientCircuit, PatientVisibility, PatientBlast, and PatientDial, coupled with educational resources to enhance patient understanding and compliance in clinical trials. Their approach includes developing a range of educational resources used by the clinical team to help patients learn about what to expect from the study.


Veristat, with over 26 years of experience, offers a comprehensive range of services, including patient recruitment. Their strength lies in their strategic and regulatory consulting, ensuring that each trial is not only well-staffed but also expertly managed. Their services include full-service support, strategic and regulatory consulting, project management, and medical writing.


StudyKik leverages technology and social media to engage and recruit patients. Since 2013, they have connected over 3.1 million patients to clinical trials, showcasing their effectiveness in using modern platforms for patient outreach. Their services include a free-to-use study search platform, patient recruitment strategy consulting and implementation, and customized app technologies.


Acurian focuses on a patient-first approach, covering a wide range of therapeutic areas. Their comprehensive suite of services includes patient engagement, retention, and a variety of study support levels, making them a versatile clinical trial recruitment company. They offer three levels of study support, including optimized enrollment, site services solution with optimized enrollment, combined enrollment, site services solution, and core CRO services.

Formation Bio (formerly TrialSpark)

TrialSpark combines digital and traditional recruitment methods with a human touch. Their patient-focused study teams work closely with doctors, sponsors, and patients, ensuring a personalized approach to recruitment. They believe in the inefficiency of traditional trial methods and utilize both digital and traditional approaches, tied together with the human touch of their study teams.

WCG Clinical

WCG Clinical's patient recruitment services excel in rapidly meeting and maintaining enrollment targets for clinical trials through a focused approach that enhances contact with potential candidates. Their proprietary My Patient® database enables real-time tracking of recruitment and retention, ensuring no participant is left behind from initial contact to trial completion. By integrating comprehensive support, including logistical assistance and participant engagement, WCG streamlines the recruitment process, ensuring trials proceed on schedule and within budget.


Based in Melbourne, Trialfacts offers a detailed patient recruitment process with a 100% recruitment guarantee. Their approach includes a thorough analysis of study protocols and target populations, ensuring effective recruitment strategies. They share a detailed step-by-step process for how they typically recruit patients for studies on their website.

Each of these companies brings unique strengths and innovative approaches to the table, playing a crucial role in connecting patients with clinical research opportunities. Their diverse range of services, from leveraging digital platforms to fostering patient education and engagement, offer great opportunities to complement your existing recruitment strategy.

Overcoming Patient Recruitment Challenges

Having explored a range of clinical trial recruitment companies, it's crucial to remember that selecting the right partner is just the first step in navigating the complex landscape of patient recruitment. Each clinical trial faces unique challenges, from participant awareness to retention, which can significantly impact the trial's success. As you consider these recruitment companies, it's important to also think about the specific challenges your trial might encounter and how these companies' strategies and solutions align with your needs. Understanding these potential hurdles and how they can be addressed is not only vital for your trial's progression but also instrumental in helping you choose the most suitable recruitment partner for your specific requirements.

1. Limited Awareness and Understanding

Many potential participants are unaware or do not fully understand the purpose and benefits of clinical trials, leading to reluctance in participation. To combat this, educational campaigns are vital. Utilizing social media, community outreach, and collaboration with patient advocacy groups can significantly enhance public awareness and understanding, thereby increasing participation willingness.

2. Stringent Eligibility Criteria

Clinical trials often have strict eligibility criteria, narrowing the pool of suitable candidates. To address this, simplifying and broadening eligibility criteria where possible can help enlarge the participant pool while maintaining scientific integrity. This approach also enhances the diversity and applicability of trial results.

3. Geographical Limitations

Geographical barriers often hinder potential participants, especially those in remote areas. Adopting decentralized or virtual trial models can effectively overcome these barriers. These models use technology for remote participation, reducing the need for physical travel to trial sites.

4: Diverse Patient Populations

Recruiting a diverse group of participants is often challenging due to socio-economic, cultural, and health-related factors. Targeted recruitment strategies focusing on specific demographics can aid in achieving diversity. This might involve partnering with community leaders, translating materials into different languages, or adjusting recruitment messages to resonate with various cultural groups.

5: Retention Issues

Retaining participants throughout the trial duration can be challenging due to factors like side effects, lack of interest, or logistical issues. Improving retention involves providing comprehensive support to participants, including travel assistance, flexible scheduling, and regular communication. Ensuring participants fully understand the trial process and their role can foster commitment and reduce dropout rates.

6. Cost Per Patient

With clinical trial patient recruitment, it’s important to keep your budget in mind. Knowing the cost per patient is a key metric that will help you decide what avenue of recruitment to go down. Whether you are focusing on in-house approaches, or vetting a patient recruitment vendor, having an idea of how much to spend per subject can help set realistic expectations. Make sure to inquire about the price per patient when discussing with third-party recruitment services, or inquire on how to establish that metric with the vendor depending on their pricing structure.

The challenges in patient recruitment for clinical trials are significant but not insurmountable. By adopting a multifaceted approach that includes enhancing public awareness, streamlining eligibility criteria, embracing technological advancements, targeting diverse populations, and focusing on participant engagement, these challenges can be effectively addressed. Such strategies improve the recruitment process and contribute to the success and credibility of clinical trials. Choosing a clinical trial recruitment company can be a cost-effective solution, allowing you the ability to leverage the expertise of recruitment professionals.

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