RSV Vaccine Recruitment Case Study

RSV Vaccine Recruitment Case Study

Patient Recruitment Case Study – Investigational Vaccine Targeting RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) in Adults ≥60 Years of Age. ClinicalConnection’s Ability to Recruit Large Numbers of Older Adults Nationwide

RSV – respiratory syncytial virus, is a common respiratory virus that usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms that typically resolve after 1-2 weeks. Often, people associate the virus only with infants and small children as it can be an extremely dangerous virus within these age groups, but older adults can also be at risk for more serious cases of RSV.

60,000-120,000 older adults in the United States are estimated to be hospitalized every year for RSV. 6,000-10,000 of them die every year due to the virus. Adults at the highest risk for severe RSV infection include older adults, adults with chronic heart or lung disease, and adults with a weakened immune system.

There are no vaccines currently available for RSV prevention and researchers are working to develop new vaccines that will be effective. Clinical trials are a key step in bringing new vaccines to market. ClinicalConnection was recently engaged by a sponsor to help recruit participants for a Phase 2/3 clinical trial to test the safety and tolerability of the company’s investigational vaccine to prevent RSV in adults 60 years of age and older.

Enrollment Challenges:

  • The trial previously struggled to find older adult participants who were in good health with few underlying conditions.
  • The trial required a series of in-person office visits, which required outreach efforts to be focused to a narrow radius around participating study sites.
  • This study worked off a narrow target population and an accelerated timeline due to the seasonality of RSV infections.

Recognizing the urgency of patient recruitment and the challenges it faced, the Sponsor sought patient recruitment support with ClinicalConnection. Known for its PatientEdge™ database of motivated clinical trial seekers and long record of success in rapid patient recruitment, ClinicalConnection quickly began referring pre-screened individuals to research sites and continued to provide referrals throughout the 11-month recruitment period. A total of 3,339 older adults were screened from ClinicalConnection with 1,335 individuals passing the screener and consenting to being referred to study sites for follow-up. Impressively, this resulted in into the study.

Randomization Timeline

The high number of randomizations translated to an 18% randomization rate higher than the referrals originating from other recruitment channels. Higher randomization rates reduce the workload for research sites and maximize efficiency, speed, and ROI.

Recruitment Outcomes

ClinicalConnection’s ability to refer thousands of individuals for participation in this RSV vaccine clinical trial, especially in an older adult cohort, highlights what our services can accomplish. Our recruitment efforts were critical for the success of this clinical trial and advancing an investigational vaccine that may protect older adults against this virus. Our proficiency, speed, and ability to recruit large numbers of clinical trial participants shows our value as an essential partner in the clinical trial industry.

We recruited for this study nationwide. The map below shows how many referrals ClinicalConnection generated for each site we recruited for across the United States.

Referral Locations

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