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Healthy Volunteers 18 to 45 - Baltimore MD
Healthy Adult Volunteers 18 to 55 - Austin TX
Healthy Volunteers - Washington DC
UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) - Sun City West AZ (Metro Phoenix)
Healthy Volunteers - Boston MA
Healthy Volunteers - Sleep and Pain Sensory Study (18-48) - Baltimore MD
Healthy Volunteers Needed - Sleep, Pain, and Drug Response Study (21-60) - Baltimore MD
Influenza - Smithfield PA
COVID 19 Treatment - Smithfield PA
Influenza - Scottdale PA
Chronic Low Back Pain (Fully Virtual Research Study) - Baltimore MD
Healthy Volunteers / Obesity and Diabetes 18 to 45 - Scottsdale AZ
Healthy Volunteers 18 to 55 - Secaucus NJ (Metro New York)
Influenza (Flu) - Kingwood WV
Healthy Volunteer Transdermal Patch Product Trial 40-85 - Tucson AZ
COVID 19 Prevention - Miami FL
Effects of Oral Nutritional Supplementation with Dietary Counseling in Children At-Risk of Undernutrition - Kissimmee FL (Metro Orlando)
CMV Vaccine for Healthy Female Volunteers 16 to 40 - Pomona CA (Metro Los Angeles)
Healthy Volunteers for Cancer Treatment Study - Secaucus NJ
Healthy Volunteers for Parkinson's Disease Study 18 to 45 - Secaucus NJ
Alcohol and the Gut Study (18 to 65) - Los Angeles CA
RSV Treatment - Chattanooga TN
Healthy Pediatric Volunteers for RSV Vaccine (nasal administration, no injection) - Southfield MI (Metro Detroit)
Healthy Volunteers (Ages 12 and older) - Mesquite TX (Metro Dallas)
RSV Vaccine Study (Individuals with Symptoms) - Dallas TX
Moderna SARS-COV-2 And Influenza Vaccine - Healthy Volunteers 50+ - Pomona CA (Metro Los Angeles)
Influenza Treatment Study Ages 5 to 64 - Morgantown WV
Colorectal Cancer Screening - Uniontown PA
Covid 19 Treatment (Covid Positive) - Scottdale PA
Early Cancer Detection Blood Draw Study (Males 60 and Older) - Austin TX
RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) Active Symptoms (6 to 23 Months Old OR 60+ Years) - Smithfield PA
Patients who are Unvaccinated for COVID-19 - West Palm Beach FL
Early Cancer Detection Blood Test (Males 60 and Older) - New Bedford MA (Metro Boston)
COVID and Flu Combination Vaccine - Raleigh NC
Respiratory Syncytial Virus - Doral FL (Metro Miami FL)
Combination COVID-19 and Influenza mRNA Vaccine - Scottsdale AZ
Early Cancer Detection Blood Test (Males 60 and Older) - Harlingen TX
Early Cancer Detection Blood Test (Males 60 and Older) - Saginaw MI
Early Cancer Detection Blood Test (Males 60 and Older) - Belleville IL (Metro St. Louis)
Early Cancer Detection Blood Test (Males 60 and Older) - Colorado Springs CO
Early Cancer Detection Blood Test (Males 60 and Older) - Burlington MA (Metro Boston)
Pre-Diabetic Volunteers for Collagen Study - Chicago IL
Healthy Volunteers (Ages 80 to 85) At Home - Chicago IL
Healthy Volunteers (Ages 80 to 85) At Home - Boston MA
Healthy Volunteers (Ages 80 to 85) At Home - Phoenix AZ
Healthy Volunteers (Ages 80 to 85) At Home - Miramar FL
Combination COVID/Flu Vaccine Study - Washington DC
RSV Treatment - Huntington Beach CA
RSV Treatment - Long Beach CA
Contact Lens Wearers - Scottsdale AZ
Breast Milk Collection - Memphis TN

Healthy Volunteer Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are often recommended for those with diseases or medical conditions as a way to try potential treatments that may prove to be beneficial. However, healthy volunteers are just as important to clinical trials as volunteers with existing health problems.

What Are Healthy Volunteer Studies Used For?

Healthy volunteer clinical trials are typically open to those without any significant health problems who are in good health. They can be used to help test a new device, drug, or intervention.

What Phase of the Clinical Trial Uses Healthy Volunteers?

Clinical trials for new therapies consist of four phases, with healthy volunteers typically used during the initial Phase I. Phase 1consists of only 20-100 healthy volunteers or in some cases like cancer -- patients with the condition. Phase 1 participants are utilized to help set a baseline that the intervention is compared to. For reference, phase four of the clinical trial requires several thousand individuals with the specified condition, so the initial phase requires a limited number of healthy volunteers to obtain the necessary information.

How Does Clinical Research Use Healthy Volunteers?

Essentially, healthy volunteers are used as a comparison to ensure that the tested device, drug, or intervention provides significant benefits to those with an existing health condition. Using healthy volunteers in clinical trials helps to provide additional information about the tested product.

Sometimes healthy volunteers serve as control groups. They are matched with patients who have a health condition based on shared characteristics such as gender or age. This is why having a range of healthy volunteers in clinical research is essential; it helps to provide a more well-rounded picture of the effectiveness of the investigational product.

As with all clinical trials, it is important to know that choosing to enroll (even as a healthy volunteer) is an entirely personal choice, and one that you can choose to revoke at any time. You are never forced to continue with the clinical trial; you always have the freedom to leave at any time, and for any reason.

Joining Clinical Trials as a Healthy Volunteer

If you fit the criteria for a healthy volunteer and are interested in joining a clinical trial to contribute to medical research, you can browse the list above of clinical trials currently recruiting healthy volunteers.