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Charlotte, North Carolina

The city of Charlotte is also known as "The Queen City," "Crown Town," and "Buzz City" is a business and financial center and university town. Many say that it's the small-town vibe that makes Charlotte so alluring. It has as abundance of smaller neighborhoods and parks, top-notch museums, spirited breweries, and eclectic boutiques. Many of Charlotte's neighborhoods described below, are close to area hospitals and medical centers. Two healthcare systems – Atrium's Carolinas HealthCare System and Novant Health -- own all the hospitals in Mecklenburg County and most doctors' offices, as well. Both systems have robust research programs that offer opportunities to participate in clinical trials in Charlotte, NC.

Myers Park

Myers Park has a historic district and began as a 1,200-acre farm. It is one of Charlotte's oldest neighborhoods. Residents have the advantage of its being close to three of the city's best hospitals. Atrium's Carolinas Medical Center hugs the northwest edge and is home to Levine Children's Hospital. Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center is situated northeast of the neighborhood. It is just one of the Novant system hospitals that offer clinical trials in Charlotte, North Carolina for investigational drug treatments, medical devices, and potential innovative therapies.


Not far from Meyers Park is Elizabeth, another older Charlotte neighborhood with excellent access to healthcare. It has a small town feel even though it is near the heart of the city. Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center and Atrium's Carolinas Medical Center Mercy reside in Elizabeth. Both are known for orthopedic care, making it a good neighborhood for those who need care for sports injuries and conditions that impact muscles and bones. Novant's


Situated between Myers Park and Elizabeth, Cherry is one of the oldest residential African American communities. With a mix of older and newer homes, this section of the city has been undergoing a lot of transformation over recent years. With Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center to the east and Atrium's Carolinas Medical Center to the southwest, the Cherry neighborhood has good access to quality healthcare options.

Mount Holly

Mount Holly in Gaston County is considered one of the best places to live in North Carolina. Located along the Catawba River, Mount Holly provides healthcare alternatives for people who prefer to live outside the Charlotte City limits. For those looking for physical therapy and other rehabilitation services without the need to go into the city, Atrium Health Carolinas Rehabilitation – Mount Holly offers advanced technologies for a variety of conditions.


Pineville lies southwest of the city on the border with South Carolina. It is another small town just beyond Interstate 485 which loops around the city. Pineville is home to a large medical campus that includes Atrium Health Pineville, a 235-bed acute care hospital offering open heart surgery, cancer care and other specialized services. It has a top-rated pregnancy center offering Comprehensive maternity services and care. Also housed on the campus is Carolinas Continue CARE, a 40-bed hospital for critically ill patients who need complex medical care and a variety of specialty physician offices.


The town of Matthews, southeast of Charlotte is another option for those who prefer living outside the city. Home to a variety of facilities and healthcare options, living in Matthews means you do not have to drive into the city for quality medical services. Medical options, along with Charlotte clinical trials, include Novant Health Matthews Medical Center, Atrium's Carolinas Rehabilitation – Matthews, Matthews Surgery Center, Matthews Internal Medicine, and Silver Psychiatric Services.


Due north of Charlottesville, Huntersville is a family-friendly town that is also popular with young professionals. It enables residents to live outside the city limits, while still being able to access the quality healthcare. Novent Health Huntersville Medical Center and Carolinas Healthcare System - Huntersville are two hospital options in the Charlotte area that have clinical studies, and several Urgent Care walk-in centers that serve those who require immediate medical attention for minor illnesses and injuries.